It is daunting to think of how to capture the essence of a deep cultural relationship such as seafood to the province of PEI. Brent Foster does a beautiful job of it in this spot.

From Brent’s vimeo page:
“Not Humble” pays tribute to the fishing community in Prince Edward Island, Canada. It’s a story of the hard work, passion and sacrifice that it takes to bring seafood to the table.

These are not actors. This is their life.

Aerials in this spot were done by Paradigm’s Pawel Dwulit. This production required the Inspire 2 to be at the ready at all times due to the constantly changing weather conditions. The production company had a limited timeline over a week to create this spot and the timing meant it was to be filmed right after a large storm came through.

Aerial frame of Oyster nets in the early morning light in Prince Edward Island.
Paradigm Pictures Inspire 2 with the X7 camera was used for this production piloted by Pawel Dwulit and filming in ProRes RAW @ 6k.
Anemometer shows 38.5 km/h gusts in PEI. The production had to film a week after a hurricane came through the area and left unstable weather behind.

The DJI Inspire 2 is manufacture rated to 10 meters per second wind speed which is 36km/h. For PEI Pawel had to always consider the wind gust speeds vs the average speed of the constant wind.

There were high winds and rain on and off throughout the week.  So, if it rains can you still fly? The answer is … it depends.  We CAN fly in very light rain but the risk of getting the lens wet before you get the aircraft in position to start filming is high.  Add on top of that the chance of wind gusts and sudden downpours. Constantly re-assessing the situation and balancing the risk factor before flying and communicating the situation clearly to the crew is essential.  As a commercial drone pilot you are always pushing the limits of the operation but safety is always the top priority.  Producers, Directors and Cinematographers will always push the aerial unit to the edge of its operational capability at every location.  You have to always be clear of what you can and can not do because of the laws or permissions in place but most importantly for the safety of the crew and everyone on site.

Crew wraps the gear with Alexa Mini with Cooke Anamorphic lenses and the Inspire 2 nearby after completing 5 ‘Tourism PEI spots’ which will be released before spring 2020.

The entire week in moody but beautiful PEI in September was made amazing because of the crew. Huge thanks to Furrow Studio (Craig & Marla & Stephen)  in Charlottetown for bringing Paradigm Pictures/ PWD Visuals on board to take on the Aerials and to Brent Foster for Directing it all.

It was a pleasure to work with the following people:
Client: Kaley MacDonald, PEI Seafood
Production Company: Furrow Studio
Executive Producer: Craig Harris
Director: Brent Foster
DOP: Justin Henning
Line Producer: Marla Morrison
Casting Director/Locations/Wardrobe: Stephen Harris
1st AC: Rico Moran
2nd AC: Nicole Cecile Holland
Drone Pilot: Pawel Dwulit
Underwater Unit: Christopher Ball
Grip/Gaff: Machie Kulpa
Writer: Geoff Morgan
PAs: Ben Russell, Phil MacNevin, Josh Harris
Transportation: Jim Harris
Makeup: Jenepher Reynolds, Bethany Harris
Location Sound: Curtis MacNevin
Catering: Corin McFadden
Voice Over: William McFadden


Editor: Michael Barker, Outsider Editorial
Assistant Editor: Scott Edwards
Executive Producer: Kristina Anzlinger
Music: Igor Correia and Jeff Milutinovic, Grayson Music
Colour: Clinton Homuth, Artjail
Sound Design/Mix: Thomas Neuspiel, Toast & Jam
Sound Engineer: Andrew McCready
Voice Recording: David Rashed