Wondering who we are?

As of January of 2020, Paradigm Pictures was launched. The name is new, but the company itself has been in operation since 2015, known as PWD Visuals, run by Canadian Society of Cinematographers award nominee Pawel Dwulit. The new name marks the beginning of a new adventure and collaboration between Pawel Dwulit and Rob Viscardis, an award-winning filmmaker who had previously been operating his own company called Outsideinside Creative.

How did this come about?

After working on several projects together in 2019, the pair of filmmakers realized their individual skill-sets and experience running production companies would lend well to them teaming up to tackle bigger projects together and further develop their careers as filmmakers. Not long after, everything was in place, and they were busy with lots of exciting projects.

What’s next?

We have slowly been working on getting our website populated with our latest work that we are really proud of and would like to do more of. Our website and logo and branding still needs work, but we’ve just been excited to get everything in place. Since the launch in January we have already worked on dozens of projects for some wonderful clients, and have some really great ones coming up soon as well. Looking forward to it!