Completed Films

Quit Pro Crow (2023) – Dark Comedy –  17 Min
Proof of concept for Feature

Written and Directed by Bick/Antzis

Loser Larry is about to flush his whole damn life down the toilet if he doesn’t pull off this one little B&E job to pay back his angry bookie.


The Lottery Ticket (2020) – Comedy – 8 Min  
Proof of concept for a series based on ‘Settle This Thing’

Written and Directed by Drew Antzis and Tamara C Bick

A lottery ticket exposes this married couple’s hidden desires.
Sometimes it is better to lose.

Winner of Best Comedy – Couch Film Festival 2022
Winner Best Writer – Short Category – Alt Film Festival 2022

Watch it HERE

The Basement Monster (2019) – Fantasy – 32 Min
Directed by Michael Hayes

Written by Michael Hayes & Brendan Fell

Zoe (7) thinks her bothersome little sister Emma (5) always makes stuff up, but the report of a monster in their basement is too much.
An investigation begins, and the two sisters must learn to trust and work with each other in order to help the very real creature they find hiding in the old rock walls.

Watch it here  on Vimeo for $5.00

Grist (2023) – Historical Drama
Proof of Concept for 3-part limited series – 3x 55 Minutes

Created by Pawel Dwulit
Written by Michael Hayes, Drew Antzis, Brendan Fell, Adam Martignetti, Pawel Dwulit

In an 1870s town made increasingly miserable by one family’s cruelty, four people join forces to seek freedom and vengeance.

In production Summer & Winter 2023.

Self (2023) – Comedy Drama – Short Film 

Written by Adam Martignetti

After yet another failed business venture, Mark begins to question his worth and just what exactly his “thing” is. After discovering the world of inspirational speaking, he sets out on a journey to inspire others, but not before inspiring himself first.

Survival (2024) – Sci-Fi short film 

Written by Michael Hayes

A military transport crashes on an alien world, leaving a sole survivor: a young rookie pilot, who struggles to survive against violent creatures as she awaits extraction.

Intellectual Property

Victorian Paranormal
TV Series – Mystery Adventure Drama
Written by Brendan Fell and Michael Hayes

In 1891 Toronto, two swindling spirit photographers are hired by a mysterious institution, forcing them to aid an heiress with a dark legacy, relive supernatural traumas from their own past, and confront a charismatic spiritualist whose ambition to harness energy from the spirit world threatens to alter the course of history.


Stu Jitsu
Action Comedy Feature
Written by Tyler Boyco

After his prized mitts are stolen, a former hockey enforcer turned
children’s karate teacher embarks on a relentless pursuit of the people responsible, leaving a trail of violence and mayhem along the way.