In the depths of winter, hope can be hard to find. But in “No Winter Lasts Forever”, a micro-short film produced by Paradigm Pictures in partnership with Lang Pioneer Village, we see the power of perseverance and optimism in even the coldest of seasons.

The film follows a man as he struggles to survive a harsh winter, facing loneliness, isolation, and the harsh realities of rural life in the 1800’s. But as the days grow longer and signs of spring emerge, he finds new hope and a renewed sense of purpose. 


“No Winter Lasts Forever” was created as a test for a larger scripted film project currently in development by Paradigm Pictures. The partnership with Lang Pioneer Village was a natural fit, as the living history museum in Peterborough, Ontario, is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history of rural life in the region. The museum will provide a perfect backdrop for the film’s historical setting and help to ensure its authenticity and accuracy.

As we move into spring and leave the long winter behind, “No Winter Lasts Forever” is a reminder of the power of hope and the importance of perseverance. Stay tuned for updates on the larger scripted film project and future collaborations between Paradigm Pictures and Lang Pioneer Village.

Starring: Steven Hayes

Cinematographer: Pawel Dwulit

Editor: Rob Viscardis