In 2020, many artists were finding ways to present their work digitally. We had the pleasure of working with Beau Dixon to create a digital production of Beneath Springhill: The Maurice Ruddick Story. We filmed the entire play performed live in a black box theatre with no audience, which was then presented as a livestream, and is currently available to rent on Beau Dixon’s website.

Below is a trailer for the show that we cut together:

Created and Performed by Beau Dixon

Directed by Linda Kash

Lyrics and Music by Rob Fortin and Susan Newman

Script Development by Linda Kash

Co-Produced and Assistant Directed by Andrea Houssin

Video Production Company: Paradigm Pictures

Video Direction: LA Alfonso

Director of Photography, Editor: Rob Viscardis

Camera Operator: Kurtis Watson

Sound Recordist: Mark McNeilly

Location: The Theatre On King